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Beverly Hills Realtor Says South Beverly Hills is a Thing, And It’s The Best Kept Secret in Beverly Hills, CA Real Estate

As a Beverly Hills realtor, I am often asked where the best place is for families, singles or couples to buy or sell a home in Beverly Hills, CA if you don’t have ten million dollars. The answer is South Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Realtor Jodi Ticknor Introduces South Beverly Hills, CA

You may have never heard of South Beverly Hills, CA. That’s because until fairly recently, South Beverly Hills wasn’t much of a thing in and of itself. 

South Beverly Hills has always been a section of Beverly Hills, but kind of an afterthought; an addendum, without much of an identity of its own within Beverly Hills.

People used to call it everything from “Beverly Hills south of Wilshire”, to “Baja Beverly Hills”, “Beverly Hills south of the tracks” and other cute nicknames. Today the top Beverly Hills real estate agents are calling it “South Beverly Hills.” It’s simple and has a nice ring to it!

South Beverly Hills is now a vibrant community of its own, with amazing shops, restaurants, parks, and investment opportunities open to people who may not have ten million dollars to spend on a house or condo, but still want to live in Beverly Hills.

jodi ticknor real estate agent

Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent Jodi Ticknor

My mission as a Beverly Hills Realtor

My mission is to be considered one of the top Beverly Hills realtors serving your real estate needs in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, CA

The way I go about achieving my mission today is to bring more awareness to this hidden gem of real estate investment opportunity called South Beverly Hills.

Part of my job as a Beverly Hills realtor is to advise my clients and make home buyers and sellers aware that South Beverly Hills is a thing of significant value today.

In fact, I would not be exaggerating to say that South Beverly Hills, CA is the best kept secret right now in Beverly Hills real estate.

Top Beverly Hills realtors have known for years that real estate in South Beverly Hills is an incredible investment. Now it’s time to share this knowledge with the rest of the world.

In this blog series, I’m going to introduce you to South Beverly Hills, CA

I want to tell you all about why living here is so great and you should buy here.

When you finish reading this post and the other articles in my blog post series, you’ll have a brand new perspective on Beverly Hills real estate.

Specifically, you’ll start to see why South Beverly Hills, CA is the best place right now for families, couples, and singles who are looking to buy or sell a home.

The geographic layout of South Beverly Hills, CA

South Beverly Hills is the south residential and business section of Beverly Hills, CA

South Beverly Hills is part of Beverly Hills, but it’s a distinct neighborhood from what most people think of as Beverly Hills. There are no mansions or expansive plots of land in South Beverly Hills.

The two sections of Beverly Hills are separated by Wilshire Blvd. Wilshire is one of the main roads in Los Angeles running east-to-west.

  • The southern border of South Beverly Hills is Olympic Blvd.
  • The northern border of South Beverly Hills is Wilshire Blvd.
  • The eastern border of South Beverly Hills is La Cienega Blvd
  • The western border of South Beverly Hills is Linden Dr 

There is also a small area of South Beverly Hills that runs south of Olympic a little ways, to a lovely street called Hillgreen. This is gorgeous area to live, walking distance from Beverly Hills High School.

South of Wilshire Blvd (Beverly Hills locals call it “below Wilshire”), the addresses begin with 100 South.

North of Wilshire Blvd. a/k/a “above Wilshire” the addresses begin with 100 North. It’s set up like a grid.

My clients are in Beverly Hills and all over Los Angeles, and I can help you find the perfect home anywhere in the region.

As a Beverly Hills realtor, I have clients who buy and sell homes and condos all over Beverly Hills as well as the surrounding neighborhoods including Santa Monica, Culver City, and Venice Beach to the west, and West Hollywood, Hollywood, Los Feliz, and Silverlake to the east.

The reason I like to specialize as a real estate agent in South Beverly Hills is that I grew up in South Beverly Hills and therefore, I know the area like the back of my hand, and I have great long term relationships with the residents and business owners here. This helps me better serve my clients and get the best listings available at a moment’s notice.

Beverly Hills, CA is divided into sub residential and business sections

The city of Beverly Hills is set up in sections residentially and for business. Going from north to south, first we have North of Sunset Blvd. Portions of this area are Beverly Hills proper, and some portions are called “Beverly Hills Post Office” where they have the same zip code, but they don’t have access to the Beverly Hills services or schools.

South of Sunset Blvd (a/k/a “Below Sunset”) we have the section called “The Flats.”

  • The Flats are the original main residential section of Beverly Hills.
  • The flats run east-to-west between Doheny Drive on the east and Whittier Drive on the west.
  • The flats run north-to-south between Sunset Blvd on the north and Santa Monica Blvd on the south.

Below Santa Monica and above Wilshire is the business section of Beverly Hills where many of our shops, restaurants, and doctors offices are located.

And then there’s another residential section along the south side of Burton Way, running south of Burton Way and north of Wilshire. These are mostly apartments and condos in this section.

South Beverly Hills runs between Olympic and Wilshire Boulevards. And there’s also one block south of Olympic, from Robertson Blvd to Doheny Dr which is South Beverly Hills residential. Everything else is Los Angeles.

This Beverly Hills realtor wants you to know that South Beverly Hills, CA is more affordable than you might think

When people think of Beverly Hills, California, they think of 90210 and exclusivity. They think of luxury and the big homes, and the big views from Trusdale, which is located above the flats in the northernmost section of Beverly Hills.

People may also have a vision of who they think the typical Beverly Hills person is: someone with unlimited money to burn, and Kardashian-type extravagance. They wouldn’t be totally wrong, but in South Beverly Hills, it’s a little bit different. It’s more laid back than you might think, very warm, welcoming, down to earth people, and not so expensive.

The homes in South Beverly Hills aren’t huge mansions. There is new construction happening definitely, but it’s not big mansions with tennis courts and pools. The lots are smaller in South Beverly Hills.

What type of people live in South Beverly Hills?

The people who live in South Beverly Hills tend to be everyone from people who raised their kids in these homes, to families moving in, and young up and coming singles and couples.

People are, for want of a better word, kind of normal in South Beverly Hills.  What I mean by that is that the average home owner in South Beverly Hills is not a multi millionaire, and if they are, they don’t wear it on their sleeve.

South Beverly Hills residents tend to be normal (not ultra-wealthy), nice people, down to earth, people from all over, who want their kids to go to public school, or who want a home that’s gonna increase in value over time. And they know Beverly Hills real estate does that.

What if I don’t want to buy a home? Are there apartments and condos in Beverly Hills?

Another thing as a Beverly Hills realtor that I want people to know, specifically about South Beverly Hills, is that it’s not just homes here. There’s apartments. There are condos, and there are duplexes as well. And believe it or not, there’s even triplexes and quadraplexes in Beverly Hills.

When I tell people this, they are often shocked. Did your Beverly Hills realtor tell you this? It’s really almost like a little secret.

Certain streets have these types of residences more than others as those streets are more designated towards duplexes. For instance:

  • a portion of Arnaz is duplex
  • A portion of Bedford Street is duplex (not Bedford Drive in the flats but Bedford Street in South Beverly Hills)
  • Smithwood is duplexes and triplexes.

So, portions of the city of Beverly Hills have duplexes or apartments. Short term rentals and long term rentals are available throughout the city. We also have homes which you can rent, if you’re looking for a temporary place or if you don’t want to buy yet.

The takeaway? There are a multitude of options for home ownership, condos for sale, villa rentals, and home rentals in Beverly Hills, CA.  Many of these opportunities are located in South Beverly Hills.

Next Up: The South Beverly Hills Lifestyle 

In my next post in this Beverly Hills Realtor Introducing South Beverly Hills series, I’m going to go into more detail about the South Beverly Hills lifestyle. I’ll cover restaurants, shops, parks, and city resources that make living in Beverly Hills the top choice of so many up and coming families, couples and singles today.

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