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Top Real Estate Agents in Beverly Hills – About Jodi Ticknor

top real estate agents in beverly hills jodi ticknor

Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent Jodi Ticknor

Hi, my name is Jodi Ticknor and I’m a real estate agent in Beverly Hills, CA. My specialty for home sellers is getting you the highest price for your home when you sell it.

For home buyers, I help you find the perfect home to live in, and the best investment opportunities in Beverly Hills real estate.

My mission is to be considered among the top real estate agents in Beverly Hills, California. I seek to achieve this with the excellent service I provide my clients, and the value of information I share freely with home buyers and sellers, and even other real estate agents.

I love to work with people.

Prior to working in real estate, I was an attorney. I was drafting documents at a desk. I was unhappy because I wasn’t interfacing with people.

What I love about my role among the top real estate agents in Beverly Hills, is that I get to know people very, very well. I get to be with people in a great time of their lives, in the excitement of buying their new family home, or selling their home.

A home where they’re going to have, or have already had amazing memories, joy, and laughter and love.

What I love most about being a Beverly Hills real estate agent

The part of my job that I like best is making sure that my clients are as happy as they can be, in a process that can at times be stressful and challenging.

I like to have fun in the process and help my clients enjoy the process. It can get serious at times, of course, but buying and selling homes is fun for me, and I think my clients can tell that I really enjoy the process.

I like to make the process super smooth and enjoyable for my clients. After all, that’s how I get more clients!

As with all the top real estate agents in Beverly Hills, I don’t just do sales and purchases of homes.

I can do rentals for you as well as home and condo sales in South Beverly Hills, CA.

top real estate agents in beverly hills jodi ticknor

Homes, Condos, Apartments, and Townhouses for Sale, Purchase, or Rent by Jodi Ticknor

I have several clients who have investment properties that I have become the leasing agent for.

Additionally, sometimes there are clients who have sold their property and they haven’t found anything to buy yet. This happens for instance when a buyer wants to close escrow quickly, or pays in cash to have a quick closing, and the seller takes the deal but hasn’t yet had time to find a new place.

There are many reasons why a seller may not yet have found a place to buy before their home sale closes. These people will usually go into a short term rental, or a longer term rental until they find something.

When you are choosing your realtor, you’re going to want to keep all this in mind, because any realtor who wants to be among the top real estate agents in Beverly Hills is going to have to offer you a lot more than your average realtor will be able to deliver.

Your realtor is going to have to have their thumb on the pulse of every available opportunity for home buying, selling, renting, investment, and lifestyle advice.

For instance, Beverly Hills, CA is actually made up of several subsections, each with their own character and opportunities. To learn more about what you can find in Beverly Hills and how I can help you, check out my blog post series introducing South Beverly Hills.

Between the condos and apartments and homes we have in the city of Beverly Hills, there are excellent options for rentals or leases, and I can help you with all of that.

My personal history living in Beverly Hills, CA

I moved to Beverly Hills when I was about 12 years old and grew up in North Beverly Hills. I went to the Beverly Hills schools, and then to UCLA, and then to Loyola Law School in downtown Los Angeles.

After law school, I got married and bought my first house in South Beverly Hills.

I’ve lived in South Beverly Hills ever since.

Beverly Hills has been my home for most of my life, and I also work in Beverly Hills.

It’s no wonder why I think Beverly Hills is a great place to live and work, and I’m a walking example of it.

Primer on BH lifestyle from one of the top real estate agents in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills offers things that other places don’t. Other places may offer the beach, or may offer high rises in downtown, or be more art oriented like Venice.

Here, you have all kinds of options, and as Beverly Hills is centrally located, the above places I mention are just a stone’s throw from Beverly Hills.

South Beverly Hills is great for families and is also a great place for singles to live, because among other things it’s very convenient.

  • Beverly Hills is convenient to all freeways, it’s convenient to downtown, it’s convenient to Santa Monica.
  • Beverly Hills is a central location in Los Angeles because it’s equidistant to everywhere.
  • We have a low crime rate in Beverly Hills, we have responsive police and fire departments, great restaurants and shopping.

I had my own personal experience with the fire department once, and they were at my house within three minutes, it’s unbelievable. That’s something I think is unique to Beverly Hills.

jasmine flowers planted in beverly hills copy

Jasmine flowers are planted all over Beverly Hills

Wanna know a unique bonus about living in Beverly Hills, CA? It’s literally sweet air.

Do you know there’s jasmine planted all over in Beverly Hills? The air is literally sweet here. It never ceases to put a smile on your face and a sense of beauty in your heart and soul.

Sweet air is good for the soul. Breathe it in deep when you’re here. You will absolutely love living in Beverly Hills, CA.

Back to transportation, it’s local to get anywhere from Beverly Hills.

  • The beach is less than 30 minutes from Beverly Hills, and if you know the shortcuts and if traffic is flowing, you can get to the beach in less than 20 minutes sometimes.
  • Hollywood is the same 20 minutes in a different direction.
  • Downtown is 20-25 minutes from Beverly Hills.

In other words, if you want to take advantage of those other parts of town, they are all within easy reach from Beverly Hills.

top real estate agents in beverly hills map of los angeles

Beverly Hills is centrally located to all of Los Angeles and the Valley

If you like to stay closer to home, you can live in South Beverly Hills and have literally a 5-mile radius, and easy access to everything you need: food, entertainment, dry cleaners, exercise, events, you name it.

Your markets, your shopping, everything’s just a few blocks away in Beverly Hills.

Everything is very convenient, and there’s usually not a lot of traffic, the streets here are wide.

When there is traffic, there are thoroughfares and shortcuts all over Beverly Hills and West LA.

It’s easy to get around here.

To the beach, if the freeway is congested, you can take Olympic or Pico, which are main boulevards that run from the beach all the way to downtown LA.

The main boulevards running east to west are, from north to south, Sunset, Wilshire, Santa Monica, Olympic, Pico, and Venice. There’s also Washington and Jefferson but those don’t run all the way from the beach to downtown like the others.

Other great neighboring towns we didn’t even mention include Culver City, Manhattan Beach, and Marina Del Rey.

As with all the top real estate agents in Beverly Hills, I service all these areas and know them well, so I can help you find the perfect place for you.

There are tons of movie theaters, the freeways are all close by.

There are so many options for transportation, even public transportation is getting better now with the expansion of the metro rail lines.

Beverly Hills is a bike-friendly city

A lot of people bike here as well. The city of Beverly Hills created a new bike share program with bicycles on city corners where you can rent and then return them.

So you can basically bike all around Beverly Hills for about $7 an hour. A lot of people use these already!

One really nice thing about South Beverly Hills is that you don’t need a car. 

If you live in South Beverly Hills, you can walk right into Beverly Hills proper (sometimes called “North Beverly Hills” or simply Beverly Hills or BH).

Parks, Gyms, and Exercise Options in Beverly Hills, CA

You can get great exercise here. I like to walk from my house which is in South Beverly Hills over to Soul Cycle, which is a great spinning gym on Wilshire between Beverly Dr and Rodeo Dr.

I like to go take a class at Soul Cycle, and then walk over to grab a coffee and a pastry at one of our several amazing cafes, and then walk home.

As for traditional gyms, while there are no big gym located right inside Beverly Hills, we are convenient to West Hollywood which has a ton of great gyms.

We also have great parks. Beverly High has a 1/4 mile running track open to the public.

There’s also tennis courts open to the public for a small fee at Beverly Hills High School, Roxbury Park, and La Cienega Park. All the Beverly Hills tennis courts are well maintained and have been recently renovated.

Roxbury Park has a nice walking track and 2 kids playgrounds as well.

There’s the parks, the fire department, the police, the schools, the restaurants, the farmers market on Sundays, Whole Foods, several gas stations, convenient parking everywhere, the list goes on.

My ongoing mission as one of the top real estate agents in Beverly Hills 

My mission as stated, is to be considered among the top real estate agents in Beverly Hills, CA as measured by happy clients and referrals.

I achieve my mission by, among other things, doing the best job for you when it’s time to buy or sell your home. I also publish articles like this to pre-educate you on opportunities in South Beverly Hills and how to make the most of them.

To learn more about how I can help you, check out my blog post series all about South Beverly Hills real estate.