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South Beverly Hills Lifestyle Revealed by Top Beverly Hills Realtor

jodi ticknor beverly hills realtor

Beverly Hills realtor Jodi Ticknor

I’m Jodi Ticknor, and I’m a real estate agent in Beverly Hills, CA.

This is part 2 of my blog post series on South Beverly Hills.

This post is all about the South Beverly Hills lifestyle.

If you missed part 1, here’s the link to read my Introduction to South Beverly Hills.

In this post, I’ll be sharing more about the South Beverly Hills lifestyle.

This post is for interested potential home buyers, and if you are considering buying or renting a home, villa, condo, apartment, duplex, triplex, or quadraplex in the Beverly Hills area.

This post will introduce you to Beverly Hills schools, parks, restaurants, shopping, special events, and new developments coming down the pike.

The South Beverly Hills Lifestyle

South Beverly Hills, California has a vibrancy and an energy that I don’t think a lot of people really percieve until they live in South Beverly Hills. It’s kind of a unique community that way, and you really have to live here to appreciate it.

Once you do live here, you start to see all the things that South Beverly Hills offers, and all the services that you just really can’t get elsewhere, including an outstanding fire department and police force with the most current technology and lightening-fast response times.

My mission is for you to consider me one of the best real estate agents in Beverly Hills, CA

The way I go about achieving my mission today is by introducing more and more people to the South Beverly Hills lifestyle who may not even know what it has to offer.

The great thing about the South Beverly Hills lifestyle is that it’s not just one thing. There’s laid back options, upscale options, almost every type of food you can imagine in walking distance. In fact…

Everything in Beverly Hills is within walking distance

It’s very convenient to walk and ride a bike in Beverly Hills. Everything is here for you at arm’s reach.

For people who enjoy walking or riding bikes, Beverly Hills, California is truly a utopia. 

If you live in South Beverly Hills, you can easily walk into Beverly Hills. It’s just a few blocks. Beverly Hills and South Beverly Hills are continuous, they’re not separated geographically except for the Wilshire Blvd. dividing line.

You can walk everywhere in Beverly Hills if you don’t want to drive. There is also a city bike share program with bikes available in several locations.

It’s convenient for tourists and locals alike to enjoy the South Beverly Hills lifestyle

  • You can walk to school from South Beverly Hills.
  • You can walk to the parks.
  • You can get exercise and live a very healthy life in Beverly Hills.
  • You can have a vibrant life here and not even have to drive at all if you don’t want to.

Of course, if you do like to drive, there are parking lots all over Beverly Hills, many of them offering 2 hours free parking.

Beverly Hills, CA is a vibrant community that welcomes you

artshow beverly hills panoramic

ArtShow Beverly Hills spans many blocks, it’s a great event twice a year.

All the top real estate agents in Beverly Hills will tell you, you can be involved in the community here if you want, or you can choose not to be. It just depends what kind of life you want to lead here.

We have a solid, active community here in South Beverly Hills. Whether it’s being a member of the Chamber of Commerce, or going to all the amazing events that happen here, there are so many options for residents to get involved and be part of all the fun and cultural enrichment the city has to offer.

As just one example, I recently went to “Beverly Hills tomorrow: 2022” with Nigel Lithgow interviewing experts from wellness to technology to medicine. It was so inspiring to have a glimpse into the future. It was one of those many small moments that happen here where I had an epiphany about how fortunate I am to live in South Beverly Hills, CA.

There are incredible offerings throughout the city, from the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts (also known as “The Wallis”) which has amazing plays, dance and music performances, to “Next Gen Beverly Hills” which closed South Beverly Drive and had a block party at night. During the summer, there’s a concert series in the courtyard near the police department, with all different kinds of music.

You can quickly become an active member of the Beverly Hills community

andre miripolsky artist beverly hiils art show

Artist Andre Miripolsky at ArtShow Beverly Hills 2018. See more at miripolsky.com

By being part of the community here, you can offer input into the types of events you’d like to see more of in Beverly Hills. Of course, you can also simply show up at the events and have a great time, with no responsibilities for planning anything. This makes the South Beverly Hills lifestyle available for all to enjoy.

Whether you’re coming to Beverly Hills as a visitor, or you live here day to day as a resident, the South Beverly Hills lifestyle has something for you.

The city is considering wine festivals and beer festivals, and of course there’s the Beverly Hills ArtSHOW that runs along Santa Monica Blvd every May and October for the past 40 years. The ArtSHOW features 240 mixed media artists from all over the country and is one of the most popular art events on the west coast. 

There are a lot of different options if you live in Beverly Hills. Everything is central, convenient, and close. For example:

  • If you wanna see a play, you can go to the Wallis.
  • If you wanna hear music, you can go to those free concerts, or have tea in one of the hotels or restaurants where they often have live music.
  • If you wanna get fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the farm, you can go to the farmer’s market every Sunday.

The South Beverly Hills lifestyle offers great locations and events 

The Concours D’Elegance Car Show at Greystone Mansion

A bit farther than walking distance, the Concourse d’Elegance is an annual car show with amazing classic cars, at Greystone Mansion. Greystone is a gorgeous mansion located in Trousdale, up in the hills above the flats, off Doheny Dr.

Since Greystone is considerably north (and uphill) from South Beverly Hills, you do not want to walk to from South Beverly Hills, unless you feel like walking all day. Greystone is definitely worth checking out. I recommend driving there from South Beverly Hills. Greystone is about a 15 minute drive from South Beverly Hills.

The Concourse d’Elegance happens around Father’s Day. The show features classic cars that you don’t see normally. It’s a great way to spend the day with really nice music. Enjoy the outdoors looking at beautiful classic cars at Greystone.

Artist Karen Brauns at ArtShow Beverly Hills. See More at karinbrauns.com

Greystone is kind of a hidden park in Beverly Hills. It’s incredibly beautiful. The Doheny family, for which the street Doheny Dr was named, owned the mansion. They were oil barons, and Greystone was their mansion. The grounds are beautiful. The gardens are exquisite.  

During the year when there aren’t events at Greystone, the mansion is open to the public. You can picnic there and walk the grounds, it’s truly lovely. You can also become a “friend of Greystone” and get more involved in activities there.

Explore your passions in Beverly Hills, CA

If you have a passion, let’s say you love gardening. There’s options for you to put your passion into action in Beverly Hills, for instance:

  • You can become a friend of Greystone
  • You can become a part of the Beverly Hills parks and garden restoration
  • You can join the Beverly Hills parks and recreation committee

In other words, if you have a passion, there are multiple outlets for you in Beverly Hills.

Police, Fire, and Emergency Preparedness in Beverly Hills, CA

The police and fire departments in Beverly Hills are very community oriented too. About 3 times each year, there’s a pancake breakfast at the fire department and they open the fire station to the community. It’s called fire service day. I’m a member of Team Beverly Hills and was behind the scenes with the fire station and it’s unbelievable, the equipment they have, and how they keep it absolutely spotless.

On fire service day, they bring out the trucks, and the kids can go inside and meet the firemen, and do tours, etc. It’s a really nice community day.   It’s great for the kids and builds community spirit from a young age.

Additionally, there’s a whole city center that’s ready to go for any kind of terrorist attack or emergency preparedness. This is a secure, secret location and nobody really knows where it is, but as a long time Beverly Hills realtor, I’ve been lucky enough to get to see it multiple times and it’s really incredible to know that it exists for the safety of our residents.

I only mention the emergency preparedness center because the world seems to be experiencing ever increasing incidents of terrorism, and it’s reassuring to know how well prepared we are here in Beverly Hills for anything dangerous that might happen unexpectedly. I sleep better at night and you will too when you live here.

So we have a great infrastructure in this city, and then we have the vibrancy and the energy of South Beverly Drive with multiple restaurants, shopping, and all different kind of boutiques stores to serve every need.

Beverly Hills Parks and Events at the Parks

Our two main parks in Beverly Hills are Roxbury Park and La Cienega Park, both located in South Beverly Hills. Our parks are kind of the hub of the community, and a center of life for after school activities. Roxbury Park is just down the street from Beverly Hills High School.

La Cienega Park has tennis lessons and 14 recently refurbished tennis courts. It’s not just for kids but for adults and is very social.

At Roxbury Park, there’s soccer on the weekends. You can also enjoy basketball, baseball, and community events such as Woofstock at Roxbury Park. Woofstock is geared towards dogs and dog owners and includes a big adoption center.

They have people at Woofstock from the Amanda Foundation with animals that you can adopt.

Woofstock 90210 happens annually in Beverly Hills

Woofstock is an event at Roxbury Park in the summer every year. It’s a really fun event!

Some of the things you’ll see at Woofstock include:

  • dog races
  • different fun doggie-related things to do
  • little booths for dogs
  • pet foods

Beverly Hills Community Dog Park

Woofstock is a really fun event, and it’s very unique to Beverly Hills.

Speaking of dogs, we have a brand new dog park in Beverly Hills now, located north of Burton Way on Foothill Rd. You have to have your dog licensed and pay a small fee to access the dog park. The people in the community just love it. It’s also a social place for dog owners. The new dog park is turning out to be a great value to the Beverly Hills community. There’s more information available at www.beverlyhills.org/dogpark

Beverly Hills City has a website that lists all these events. Also, the Beverly Hills Courrier and the Beverly Hills Weekly — our the two local papers — list these events as well.

Beverly Hills, CA Schools

South Beverly Hills, California is a great place to live. It is vibrant, and it’s a place where you feel confident in your schools and your school system.

The school district itself is self contained, with four elementary/middle schools and Beverly Hills High School. The schools are in the process of being remodeled and some of the schools have already been remodeled.

Beverly Hills schools are beautiful places for your children to go and thrive and get incredible education.

The four Beverly Hills elementary schools run from Kindergarten through eighth grade. All students from the four schools then go on to Beverly Hills High School.

Here’s how the four Beverly Hills elementary schools are organized: 

  • Hawthorne serves the flats of “north” Beverly Hills 
  • Beverly Vista (a/k/a “BV”) and Horace Mann serve the South Beverly Hills community
  • El Rodeo serves students from both north and south Beverly Hills  

BV was an old building that was completely gutted and remodeled. It’s filled with light, the classrooms are large, they have a lot of technology there. There’s a beautiful auditorium, and a very nice field and playground. 

El Rodeo is still in trailers. Literally every square inch of El Rodeo is being completely renovated. When complete, El Rodeo will be one of the best equipped elementary schools in the nation.

The principals of the schools are devoted to education and to the community as well. The schools do a lot of community outreach and offer many excellent community programs.

In short, here’s what our first rate schools in Beverly Hills, CA ensure to parents: Living the South Beverly Hills lifestyle is about more than just fun events; it’s about raising the next generation of America’s top achievers and thought leaders.

Next Up: The Restaurants and Shopping in South Beverly Hills

In my next post, I’ll give you a closer look at some of our great restaurants and shopping options in South Beverly Hills. I highly recommend the next post for potential home buyers, young families, couples or singles who are thinking of moving to Beverly Hills.

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