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Top Beverly Hills Realtors Guide to Restaurants, Shopping, Hotel Bars and Spas in Beverly Hills, CA

jodis guide jodi ticknor top beverly hills realtors guide to restaurants hotel bars and spas My name is Jodi Ticknor, and I’m a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills, CA.

As with all of our top Beverly Hills realtors, I service Beverly Hills and all the great communities throughout Los Angeles.

You can learn more about me and my approach to buying and selling real estate on my About page and my other blog posts.

I hold a special affinity for the South Beverly Hills real estate market.

There is such great value here, I want everyone to know about it.

This is part 3 of my blog post series on South Beverly Hills, California.

If you missed either of the first two posts in this series, you can get caught up with the following links: Part 1 is my Introduction to South Beverly Hills, and in part 2, I tell you all about the South Beverly Hills lifestyle.

South Beverly Hills, CA Restaurants, Shopping, Hotel Bars and Spas

In this post, I’ll be talking about some of the great restaurants and shopping in South Beverly Hills, CA.

I’ll cover a few options north of Wilshire as well, because as we’ve seen in the prior posts, Beverly Hills and South Beverly Hills are contiguous. You can easily get between the two.

In this Top Beverly Hills Realtors GuideI’ll also touch on some of the excellent bars and spas located in our premium hotels both north and south of Wilshire.

jodi ticknor beverly hills realtor

Beverly Hills Realtor Jodi Ticknor

My mission is to be considered one of the top Beverly Hills realtors for the service and value I bring to my clients.

The way I go about achieving my mission today is by creating this Top Beverly Hills Realtors Guide for you.

The purpose of this guide is to bring awareness to some of the great restaurants and shopping available to you in South Beverly Hills, as well as introducing you to one of our city’s more unique upscale offerings: our many premier hotel bars and spas.

Our hotel bars and spas in Beverly Hills are every bit as popular with the locals as they are with the tourists who come to visit from all over the world.

In fact, some of our hotel bars are among the hottest social spots in town for locals and tourists alike. And our hotel spas are frequented by Hollywood’s top agents and executives for much needed stress relief.

Beverly Drive is “Restaurant Row” in Beverly Hills, CA

There are incredible places to go out to eat in South Beverly Hills and at every price point you can imagine.

In this first section of this Top Beverly Hills Realtors Guide, I’ll be taking you on a virtual tour of “Restaurant Row” in Beverly Hills, from the north to the south.

Residents generally refer to north and south Beverly Drive simply by the name “Beverly” and more specifically, “North Beverly” and “South Beverly.” 

Beverly is not the only street in Beverly Hills with great restaurants; not by a long shot. But it’s a great place to start because there are so many choices.

Restaurants on N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, CA

On North Beverly Drive you’ll find everything from sushi to Cheesecake Factory, Il Fornaio, and more.

There’s a really cool place called the Vampire Wine Bar and Tasting Lounge, which has events and DJs.

North Beverly Drive is also a good area for restaurants, and as I’ve mentioned, you just walk across Wilshire Blvd and you’re crossing between North and South Beverly Hills. It’s super convenient living here.

There’s world famous Nate N Al’s deli on North Beverly Dr which has been here forever and recently has threatened to close due to the sale of the building but for now is still packed every day with a wait.

Nate N Al’s is an institution in Beverly Hills. Just call it “Nate’s” and everyone will know what you mean.

There’s a big Starbucks on North Beverly Dr. too, and the world famous Beverly Hills Cheese Shop across the street.

There’s so much character in Beverly Hills, you see the entire spectrum here, from the lavishly luxurious Mastro’s Steak House, to chef and restauranteur Peter Garland’s ultra popular restaurant-bar Porta Via.

chef peter garland porta via restaurant beverly hills

Chef Peter Garland, owner of Porta Via

Peter Garland is a Beverly Hills local, one of my classmates when we were kids, and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Porta Via is a regular stop for all Beverly Hills locals who want great food and drinks in a beautiful environment right in the center of town.

A block south of Porta Via, Mastro’s Steak and Seafood features their incredible seafood tower. Mastro’s has a penthouse level with a DJ, it’s an extraordinary location.

Hotel Montage is on Canon with the ultra fancy Bouchon restaurant and a gorgeous courtyard.

There’s also Xian on Canon. Amazing Chinese food at Xian.

Restaurants on S. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, CA

Heading back down across Wilshire Blvd, onto South Beverly Dr, you can step it all the way down in budget to Subway and Pinkberry and still be in the heart of South Beverly Hills.

If you don’t live here, you might not know that Beverly Hills is not just for multi millionaires!

Lots of “regular people” live here who have regular jobs and pay rent and haven’t yet hit the big time. That’s why having so many great, affordable downscale restaurant options in South Beverly Hills makes living here a real option for real people.

All the top Beverly Hills realtors will be able to give you a very clear picture as I’m doing here for you, not only about home prices and amenities of a house for sale, but more importantly the lifestyle available to you in the area. Affordable restaurants in Beverly Hills offer great value for everyday people who don’t want to spend $100 every meal.

South Beverly Drive is the hub of restaurants in South Beverly Hills. There’s a few great spots along Olympic Blvd and Robertson Blvd, but the most diverse dining options I would say are on South Beverly Drive.

We have a vibrant restaurant section on South Beverly. There’s Mexican, Mediterranean, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Chin Chin “Dim Sum and Then Some”, and Mulberry St which is delicious, authentic New York style Pizza, just to name a few.

There’s also a Subway on South Beverly, a Chipotle, two specialty sub shops (Jersey Mike’s and Jimmy John’s), California Pita, and California Pizza Kitchen a/k/a CPK.

Also on South Beverly Drive is the world famous Urth Caffe which features organic fair trade coffees, teas, and excellent food and pastries. Across the street from Urth is Larry King’s Original Brooklyn Water Bagel where you can get bagels and lox and ice coffee all made with “Brooklynized” water.

You can find almost any type of food at every price point on South Beverly Dr.

It’s so convenient, whether you’re looking to feed your kids, grab a quick bite on the go, sit down for a romantic dinner, or treat yourself to something truly extravagant.

There’s sushi restaurants, noodle houses, ice cream shops… poke bars are becoming popular now (an offshoot of sushi). The list goes on.

There are so many restaurants between north and south Beverly Drive, we’ve only barely begun to scratch the surface with this blog post.

We have a great French bakery here called Chamont that has received a lot of acclaim. Chamont has everything from “shakshuka” which is a kind of classic Mediterranean baked egg dish, to salmon salads, and beautiful pastries and amazing coffees.

Also, on Olympic and LaPeer is a great strip center shopping mall that has a French bakery called La Provence. They have great food and there’s also a pharmacy there in that corner mall.

Another little cluster of restaurants is on Olympic and Doheny. There’s Crazy Fish sushi, a great crepe place called Creme de la Crepe, a bakery called Tarte Tatin, and Dr Sandwich, which is a falafel and shwarma place that’s really popular.

Dr Sandwich and the Tarte Tatin bakery both happen to be kosher. There’s a lot of kosher restaurants and markets in South Beverly Hills incidentally, for people who keep kosher.

The crazy thing is, we still haven’t even scratched the surface of how many restaurants there are in Beverly Hills. The options are endless for every type of food at every budget.

We can name restaurants all day and still not even come close to including them all.

I didn’t mention Wally’s yet, which is across from Wolfgang Puck’s place. Both of those are great. 

Back “up north” (of Wilshire) on Little Santa Monica Blvd there’s one of the best Italian Trattoria’s anywhere in the world, called Da Pasquale. Perhaps the best pasta ever.

Within a 2 block radius you can go for a $4 Fatburger or a $400 seafood tower. Whatever you are in the mood to eat, you can find it in Beverly Hills.

South Beverly Hills, CA Shopping

There’s world class shopping in Beverly Hills; it’s not just on Rodeo Drive. It’s on Wilshire Blvd with Barney’s NYC, Sachs Fifth Avenue, and Nieman Marcus.

Of course there is Rodeo Drive with Tiffany, Prada, Porsche, and boutique stores you have to make an appointment just to walk into.

But there’s also Roots, The Gap, Sunglass Hut, and Rite-Aid. Similar to the restaurants here, we have upscale and downscale shopping in Beverly Hills to serve your needs no matter how big or small your budget might be.

Every Sunday, there’s the Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market which is another great place where you see lots of people in the community coming to get their fruits and vegetables, and flowers and fish, direct from the farmers.

The farmer’s market is very well attended and they have themes, like safety, and chili cook off.

In my prior post, I mentioned the ArtSHOW that runs along Santa Monica Blvd twice a year. It’s called Beverly Hills Parks and Gardens so it’s officially a park, but it runs all along Santa Monica Blvd.

These gardens are presently in the process of being restored. That’s where the ArtSHOW is and people just get really excited to get outside and see all the artists and all the amazing work that’s featured.

North Beverly Drive has great shopping, everything from Maje and Sanjo the high end stores, to Pottery Barn.

Sephora just opened a huge store on North Beverly Drive, the exterior is stunning, especially at night.

For groceries, you have a Whole Foods right in the center of Beverly Hills on Crescent Dr. That’s not the only supermarket in Beverly Hills, of course. There are several Ralph’s here, Pavillions, and one of the best supermarkets in Beverly Hills is Gelson’s which is very upscale with top notch, healthy pre-prepared foods of all kinds.

Hotel Bars and Spas in Beverly Hills, CA

Some hidden gems in Beverly Hills are the rooftop bars at hotels.

These rooftop bars that we have in Beverly Hills are amazing for meeting people for cocktails and drinks, and enjoying the atmosphere and warm weather here.

There’s a rooftop bar at the 60 Hotel, there’s another at the Peninsula, which is also a beautiful place to have breakfast on the roof of the Peninsula Hotel. The Peninsula has a nice tea lounge as well.

The Beverly Wilshire Hotel is a beautiful place to meet for drinks, and on the weekends they have live music.

The Montage as well has live music, and also has a gorgeous courtyard filled with all type of different food options. I already mentioned Bouchon Bakery and Restaurant in the courtyard. Beverly Hills is just a fantastic place to live with so many options for places to go hang out.

There’s terrific spas of course in the hotels here. Even the Beverly Hilton one of our older hotels, has a good day spa with great massage therapists.

Between the Hilton, the Penninsula, the new and incredibly lavish and luxurious Waldorf Astoria, the Montage, and the Four Seasons, the spas in Beverly Hills, CA are truly world class.

Of course, the hotels in Beverly Hills are a big draw not just for tourists to stay at, but for locals to hang out at the restaurants and bars.

Last but not least, there’s the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel and their world famous Beverly Hills Hotel Coffee Shop.

There’s also some fantastic boutique hotels like the Avalon in South Beverly Hills, which has a cool private party and bar scene happening occasionally by their kidney shaped pool. 

Next Up: In the next post of my blog series on South Beverly Hills real estate, I’m gonna drill down a little more into property types and property values in South Beverly Hills vs the surrounding areas.

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